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Through attention to detail and seasonality, every bloom is artfully handcrafted with timeless elegance, sophisticated color palettes and organic compositions - No two Blooms are the same. The style is loose, romantic, unstructured yet refined. I hope to create a unique Bloom for you or a loved one to cherish.

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Happiness blooms from within

I’ve had lots of new visitors, Welcome! I’m Kandice!
I wanted to share a little behind the meaning of Moss + Mallow Bloom Co. It was born out of life altering experiences and eye opening realizations.
I was fortunate enough to bring fresh, new life into this world and found out we were expecting just 7 short months after my sweet father passed away. Losing him was the hardest thing I’ve ever been through and I am still grieving his loss.
Baby Em changed my Life + Perspective on everything. While treading through the thick of motherhood, during a global pandemic, running of pure adrenaline most days... I yearned to teach my daughter that happiness blooms from within and that is it is never too late to have the life you always dreamed of. On this journey to self discovery, I was brought back to my roots of serving others as I had for the last 11 years in the medical field. Instead of emptying my cup, I hoped to find ways to fill it so completely that it never ran out by the end of each day once I was home to those who mattered most.
I’ve always been a creative, had an eye for design and color palettes speak to me. While on maternity leave, I decided to dive right into fresh blooms. I educated myself on their care and am completely self taught on design.
🌿Moss means Maternal Love and Mallow means Sweetness🌿 That was exactly where I had been planted - smack dab in the middle of loving my sweetest baby girl whom I’d only dreamed of. So, I decided to Bloom, right where I had been planted. Life was and still is, indeed SWEET🖤
Creating for all of you guys is an absolute honor. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to follow this wild dream and water my little family day in and day out. My cup runneth over. All because of you.
It truly means so much to me. Thank you will never be enough.